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CHET'S LAST CALL: A Story of Rock & Redemption  - Official Trailer
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Richard "Chet" Rooney is a legend in Boston. He is famous because of his dive bar and was well known for living a life of excess. However, a man's life should not be judged by the mistakes he made or the rules he broke. Instead, it should be viewed on how he learned from those mistakes and passed those lessons on to others. This is the tale of Richard "Chet" Rooney, a story of Rock and Redemption.

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Boston Area Broadcast Debut on Ch. 56
Saturday September 10, 2022 @11pm - 12am

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R Rated Long Form Director's Cut (84 minutes)
+ Bonus videos from Chetstock2016
4 live full song music videos






“Boston rock history isn’t complete without a look at Chet’s Last Call, a seedy but spirited ‘80s club where many noted acts cut their chops under the guidance of eccentric yet beloved owner Chet Rooney. This head-spinning new film is a raucous, fast-paced tribute to him and the underground, anything-goes music of the time. Highly recommended!!!

 —Steve Morse, former staff critic at the Boston Globe who now teaches Rock History at Berklee College of Music

"It's depicting a strange old lawless land with loose lascivious lunatics congregating "

Sir Dave Minehan

"A man who gave sanctuary to scores of Boston rock bands - before he found personal salvation -

gets posthumous payback in this warmly spun grassroots documentary "

Paul Robicheau, Music Editor at The Improper Bostonian Magazine

"A film with as much heart as its namesake"

Chachi Loprette

"Not just a fine tribute to the man but also to the lasting community he helped foster."

Rick Ouellette-Rock Docs

 "Ted and Dan Vitale have done such a good job that they've captured the whole 80’s underground rock scene, and the whole tenor of Boston Punk"

Blowfish-Boston Groupie News 

" It was a safe spot for all sorts of rock ‘n’ roll mayhem."

Jim Sullivan


“The epitome of dirty Boston rock ‘n’ roll" 

-Linda Viens, Legendary Boston singer

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